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Exploring Boston for a week!

It’s been a long & eventful year (2017-18), now that I come to think of it. A year of many new experiences, from moving all the way to Long Island by ourselves to exploring some of the most varied landscapes that America has to offer.

That’s Colorado! One of the states where the landscape took our breath away!

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The Little Library

Traveling is one thing and staying a zillion miles away from home another. The latter made me cranky for my first few months in the US and I ended up writing a grumpy post on how things are so irritating here. Well, I am an optimistic person so I kept looking for experiences to intrigue me and I think its time to share one of those.

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The Discovery of Better World Books

In this day and age of Kindle, Nook and Tablets, we rarely visit bookstores or buy physical books online. As much as I adore my Kindle, I miss the scent of pages, the stack of books in my study and most importantly my childhood memories associated with heaps of books.

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