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I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them – Mark Twain!
Travel quotes always inspire us because these one-liners summarize your zeal for travel in few words. And, what better day to get inspired than a Monday when everyone across the globe is cursing their jobs, schools, exams, teachers or bosses. This week’s inspiration is – Travel with a Group! 
Everyone heads out solo these days for the love of freedom. But if you really want to know your true thoughts about someone, head out in a group. Plus, there are certain benefits of traveling in a group – more fun, more noise, more drama! The crux here is travel more, with or without a group.

Breakfast at Waffleworks

I always fancy a massive spread for breakfast every morning, but rarely care to cook much at home. And, whenever I am traveling, I love to pig-out on hefty breakfast meals! This story is about one such lovely time. 

Location: Hollywood, Florida (Not Los Angeles, California)

That’s a vital piece of information considering the fact that a simple Google search would always take you to Hollywood in Los Angeles. 

In my short trip to Florida, I randomly chose to stay at Hollywood Boulevard (approx. 30 miles from Miami) because I found a great AirBnB house in that location. Luckily, Hollywood turned out to be extremely beauteous, lively and brimming with warm people. After driving for 6-7 hours from Orlando, we reached Hollywood at 7 in the evening and decided to gorge on Pizza for dinner. We had to throw it eventually as the same was topped with under-cooked chicken and since it was a take-out we couldn’t get a replacement.

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How to Travel Cheap in America

Since the last three months I am trying to acclimatize myself with the new culture, harsh winters, bland food, lack of public transport and many other things. I recently moved to the States from India. Change is always difficult, especially when you move out of your cocoon for the first time. And, I am slowly learning to adjust and blend in while grasping the local nuances.

Amidst all this, I decided to travel someplace more lively and densely populated (living in Cincinnati gets boring at times). Also, I was bored of staying at the same place for three months at a stretch! So, you can understand that I am not an expert on traveling in the US. But, this first trip made me wiser and taught me how to spend money prudently. 

Through this post, I would share airlines, car rentals, hotel booking details to help you plan your travel.

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Out of the Blue – Endearing Bundi


Bundi is one place that took me by surprise and an amazing one at that! Tourism has been the focus of Rajasthan since long, but I had no clue that such tiny towns are frequented by British and French travelers in huge numbers. I, personally, had never heard of Bundi, so was curious to know the place after I read many snippets about it over the web.

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GoCambio, Teach Locals and Get Free Stay

One fine day I just decided to explore Twitter and get off Facebook completely!! Its been four days since I last checked my Facebook account and fallen head over heels in love with Twitter. I wish I had known earlier what an amazing platform Twitter is. It connected me to communities, people, authors, restaurants, celebs etc. whom I loved, rather than going through mind numbing status updates from random friends about their weddings, babies, check-ins etc. And, on Twitter I found GoCambio, an innovative platform for perpetual budget travelers like me! Continue reading GoCambio, Teach Locals and Get Free Stay

Drove to a Town Perched on Himalayas!

Khurpa Tal. One of the many lakes in Uttrakhand, found this on our way back

This was one of the rare trips wherein I didn’t plan anything, packed my bags in 15 mins and hopped inside our car to reach a place I had never heard of. As much as I love planning my itinerary, I just couldn’t do it this time. It was a long weekend and I was occupied with work at office so couldn’t get time to plan in advance. I didn’t even get time to pack properly, so threw in whatever was handy and started our journey early in the morning. Continue reading Drove to a Town Perched on Himalayas!

The Art Gallery of Rajasthan

As a traveler, I am always curious to visit unexplored regions to discover something unique. This time my research led me to Mahansar in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. The whole region is brimming with old colorful havelis (mansions) decorated with eye-catching murals, built by rich traders during the 18th to 20th century. These murals depict mythological and historical events with images of Hindu Gods, Animals, Battlefields, Kings etc. Continue reading The Art Gallery of Rajasthan

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