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Handpicked Homestays Edition – India

There are some travelers who travel to just relax & break the monotony of their daily routine and choose a plush, high-end resort to indulge and be pampered. Then, there are some who come back to their hotel rooms just to sleep and wait for the first ray of daylight to rush out. Occasionally, I too travel to stay indoors only, but most of the times I prefer to be out. So spending a meaty amount of money on expensive hotels doesn’t make sense (to each his own!), not that I can really afford it Θ.


That is grand, but I can do three trips with their price for one night!

With the proliferation of unique stay concepts such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb, travelers are able to substantially reduce their cost of traveling. Personally, I love to research about Homestays or family-run guest houses which offer a combination of warm atmosphere, hot meals, and friendly conversations at a much lower price. Though I rarely use Airbnb or Couchsurfing, I have managed to find lovely homes almost everywhere. Plus, I am somewhat skeptical about staying at someone’s home, so I prefer family-owned, professionally managed Homestays!

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GoCambio, Teach Locals and Get Free Stay

One fine day I just decided to explore Twitter and get off Facebook completely!! Its been four days since I last checked my Facebook account and fallen head over heels in love with Twitter. I wish I had known earlier what an amazing platform Twitter is. It connected me to communities, people, authors, restaurants, celebs etc. whom I loved, rather than going through mind numbing status updates from random friends about their weddings, babies, check-ins etc. And, on Twitter I found GoCambio, an innovative platform for perpetual budget travelers like me! Continue reading GoCambio, Teach Locals and Get Free Stay