New Delhi

“Don’t Get Me Wrong”, Delhi

Delhi has been home for more than 20 years. Despite the accusations about its notorious nature, I have a distinct fondness for the city. Delhi angers, agitates, irritates, excites, soothes, all at the same time on any given day. But, it has survived the wrath of time gracefully and has been rebuilt seven times. There's a stubborn… Continue reading “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, Delhi

Chicago, Food

Which street would you find these food trucks on?!

It's been long since I last watched a food show that's focused on food trucks. I would, however, always remember watching food trucks of America on TV many years back with my brother and drooling over the food. The concept of food trucks always made me happy, as those were not restricted to a location… Continue reading Which street would you find these food trucks on?!

Food, Rajasthan, India

Deliciousness that you shouldn’t miss in Udaipur

There were endless days when I would travel for hours just to savor the best bites. I still jump at the idea of traveling somewhere far to eat. And, the first thing I research about while planning a trip is food! A trip to Udaipur last year introduced me to some mouthwatering specialties from the region.… Continue reading Deliciousness that you shouldn’t miss in Udaipur


Penchant for Waterfalls – Bushkill

In 2010, I went on my first and only girls trip to Simla, India. One thing I distinctly remember from that trip is finding a waterfall after a mild trek on one of the hills. I don't remember the name of the waterfall because that wasn't famous and frequented at all by tourists. There started… Continue reading Penchant for Waterfalls – Bushkill

Chicago, Food

And, we went back to Pucci’ Pizzeria

While traveling, a lot of interactions, incidences, moments happen and few of them always make a mark in your memory. You don't need something extraordinary to remember those instances, at times you just feel a connect with a particular cafe, art museum, person or a national park maybe. One such restaurant recently caught my fancy, mainly… Continue reading And, we went back to Pucci’ Pizzeria

Rajasthan, India

What to See in Udaipur

Somewhere in my subconscious mind, I had decided that I have to travel somewhere in India when I visit home. In November last year, I finally took the flight to home and met my family after one whole year. Since I couldn't plan a trip before visiting, I kept searching for places after I reached… Continue reading What to See in Udaipur

Las Vegas

Impressions of the Sin City

Vegas was never a part of our bucket list. I could never associate myself with so much bling. However, a drive through the Pacific Coast was definitely on our to-do list. So, while looking for flights to California, the husband found an economical return fare to Vegas. And, the sin city happened. We had an… Continue reading Impressions of the Sin City

My Thoughts

Ending 2016 on a travel happy note!

Last year was a mix of emotions and I learned a great deal about a lot of things. Things about moving, apartment hunting, location search, buying furniture, arranging a home etc etc. We were in Cincinnati for the first few months and moved to Chicago by the end of July. The husband finally completed his… Continue reading Ending 2016 on a travel happy note!


A Historic County and its Canine Mayor

Have you been to a place where the mayor happens to be a sweet little dog?! I recently visited Rabbit Hash, a historic county in Kentucky, where the mayor is Lacy Lou, a border collie. That's Lacy! Photo Source: Huffington Post This Independence Day (July 4th) weekend husband and I decided to rent a car and… Continue reading A Historic County and its Canine Mayor


Finding Findlay Market

Whenever I visit a new place or plan to visit one, the first thing I research about is "Food". That's how I learnt about Findlay Market in Cincinnati. Though I had researched about it a long time back, I had the chance to make a visit this week only. And, its just 15 minutes from my home!… Continue reading Finding Findlay Market