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I wish to treat my eyes with as many surreal landscapes as possible!! Travel enthusiast, foodie and most importantly in love with places boasting of rich culture, history and architectural beauty. I dig deep to find unique experiences across different regions and avoid touristy places. Be a part of my journey through my posts! Do let me know your thoughts!

A Lonely Canyon in Colorado

Most of us get to hear about the Grand Canyon mainly when it comes to jaw-dropping canyons. My recent travel to Colorado introduced me to another canyon which isn’t as famous, yet makes you feel timid with its gaping depth. Continue reading A Lonely Canyon in Colorado

The Best Eats Around Acadia National Park

During most of my trips in America, I have rarely come across food that has left an imprint on my memory.  Although I love the variety of global food that’s available in this country, there tends to be a major lack of options in remote towns. Continue reading The Best Eats Around Acadia National Park

The National Parks of Colorado

Plans were made and then discarded, many times. But what’s meant to happen, eventually happens. 

We had been planning to go to Colorado for two-years in a row. Being a mountain lover, I had to drive through those mighty mountains that draw people to Colorado. In the Rocky Mountains, major summits stand as high as 14,000 feet.

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Exploring Boston for a week!

It’s been a long & eventful year (2017-18), now that I come to think of it. A year of many new experiences, from moving all the way to Long Island by ourselves to exploring some of the most varied landscapes that America has to offer.

That’s Colorado! One of the states where the landscape took our breath away!

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An Ode to the Windy City

My rendezvous with Chicago happened in the year 2016. We had a meager budget, three-days to visit Chicago, hunt for apartments, sign a rental agreement and be back to Cincinnati! It didn’t matter how strained we were for time or money because the excitement of moving to a new city in my own apartment superseded anything. Continue reading An Ode to the Windy City

My Sushi Story

I have come a long way since 2014 in terms of Sushi. For those who aren’t aware, Sushi is a Japanese delicacy rolled with nori & rice and a variety of fillings, such as seafood, vegetables, and condiments. Continue reading My Sushi Story

The Novelty of Gatlinburg

Someone once told me that Gatlinburg looks like a carnival.

Since then I had been curious that how can a town in America look like a carnival all the time?! Only when I went there last year, I could see that it indeed reflects the mirage of a carnival.

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