The Best Eats Around Acadia National Park

During most of my trips in America, I have rarely come across food that has left an imprint on my memory.  Although I love the variety of global food that’s available in this country, there tends to be a major lack of options in remote towns.


Since I am not really fond of American food, I keep my expectations low while on a holiday here, specifically if I am closer to mountains. Bar Harbor (tiny town adjacent to Acadia) was one exception to that rule, as it’s right by the ocean and has been taken over by restaurants serving lobsters in all forms.

I thoroughly relished each meal I had in Bar Harbor before and after exploring the National Park. If you happen to visit this town, make sure you try everything with lobster in it.

I have collated a tiny list of restaurants wherein I enjoyed eating during my trip.

Gateway Lobster Pound:

Out of all the places we tried, this one turned out to be our favorite one. Gateway lobster wasn’t overloaded with tourists and hasn’t made it to any list of best eats, yet. We just stumbled upon this place while frantically looking for a relaxed atmosphere to sit down and eat after a few hikes one fine day.


The restaurant has a massive seating space, so unlike few other restaurants that were over crowded with tourists, I could sit back and relax out here. Also, there’s a store inside the restaurant that sells everything from souvenirs to travel essentials, in case you wish to indulge.

As we had built quite an appetite after our hike, we ordered a lot of food. On top of that, our meal came with a lot of chips, fries, coleslaw which we didn’t account for, yet consumed with finesse. The ingredients were fresh, our soups were loaded with seafood and there was a lot of flavor that I yearn for always.

Also, this restaurant is located around 20 minutes away from the national park, by car, so tends to be empty which worked for us perfectly.

What to try: Lobster stew, clam chowder soup and crab cakes

The Blue Door:

Everything closes down pretty early in the towns close to Acadia. So, if you’re waiting till 8 PM to decide on where to eat, chances are high that that coveted 5-star rated restaurant you found on Yelp is already closed. That always happens with us in small towns. And, that’s how I started searching for restaurants which were “Open for dinner” on Yelp.

Luckily, Blue Door was open along with a slew of bars but I can’t satiate my appetite with chips.

blue door

Blue door was charming to look at first sight with a blue door hanging at the entrance and an old cafe-like ambiance inside. Their menu was a one pager with few appetizers, mains and desserts, crisp as I like it. What I loved about their mains or entrees was the fact that it wasn’t one kind of fish that you would get everyday, they had different preparations for the day’s freshest catch. That’s how I prefer my seafood, specially when you’re close to an ocean.


They also served jasmine rice and a refreshing salad with the fish which was as fresh as it could be. I haven’t been to the Mediterranean region but their food gave me a glimpse of how that would be!

Jordan Pond House:

As per the web, this restaurant holds the trophy for being one of the best restaurants in all the National Parks of America. Though I didn’t have the energy or time to wait for a table at this one, I think this is worth a mention. For those of you who like fancy restaurants in a picturesque location, you must give this a try. As far as food is concerned, I really can’t comment.

Jordan Pond offers uninterrupted views of the pond with the same name which makes a stop worthwhile. And, I completed the Jordan Pond walking loop so I can vouch for the enthralling views around!

Stewman’s Lobster:

To be honest, not the best one when it comes to food, but it does get brownie points for its location. Located right by the harbor on the main street, this one’s a top-notch restaurant as per online reviews. But we can’t trust online food reviews always, can we?! Because its subjective and there are many people who would rate a restaurant well if they like the ambiance.


Maybe, that’s what happened with this one, but I can’t blame those people for rating it well.


Try this out one fine overcast evening to enjoy the vistas and the bay around. For better views, sit on the rooftop, else the outside porch area is also amazing.

stewmans porch.jpg

We ordered the usual lobster roll and fish & chips. This was our first day in Maine, so we went by the location and reviews, and didn’t care much about the food which was just about alright.


Do let me know your favorite eats around Acadia if you have been there. If not, please do try eating at these whenever you’re there!

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