The National Parks of Colorado

Plans were made and then discarded, many times. But what’s meant to happen, eventually happens. 

We had been planning to go to Colorado for two-years in a row. Being a mountain lover, I had to drive through those mighty mountains that draw people to Colorado. In the Rocky Mountains, major summits stand as high as 14,000 feet.

Hiking one of the peaks in the Rockies was part of the plan, however we chose to cherish the sights by driving around since we were there for only three days. Also, most trails within the park begin at around 8,000 feet and elevations can reach upto 12,000 feet on the park roads. Coming from sea-level, we decided to drive around so that we could see more and, also, had plans to explore the Mesa Verde National Park and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park within those three days.

mesa verde.jpg
Mesa Verde National Park

Since this trip was only about National Parks, we were amazed at the variations in vegetation, topography, and climate inside these parks. As we moved through the state from North to South, we passed through iron-sulfide mountains, gaping canyons, hot spring pools, torrential rains, and miles of barren land. 


Here’s a visual to honor the beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Park Entry: Entry to the park costs $25 for a vehicle, and $35 for a week’s pass. If you can’t decide the number of days, just buy the day pass and you can upgrade by paying $10 whenever you come back again during the week.

Where to Stay: You can book hotels in Boulder, Colorado which is a quaint neighborhood near the National Park. If you book well in advance, you may get good deals.

How to Reach: The closest airport to the Rocky Mountain National Park is the Denver International Airport where you can also rent a car. Air tickets tend to be expensive from New York, even if you fly by Frontier Airlines (cheapest, ever), so keep checking for deals well in advance. If you are exploring other cities in America as well, it would be better to look for deals from the close by airports.

Rocky Mountains


Rockie 2.jpg

You can visit the website of National Park Service to plan your visit to the Rocky Mountains and also choose trails for hiking based on your fitness level.

I wish I had more time to explore these mountain ranges, but I always choose the long road ahead to reach farther, specially when I have limited time.






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