My Sushi Story

I have come a long way since 2014 in terms of Sushi. For those who aren’t aware, Sushi is a Japanese delicacy rolled with nori & rice and a variety of fillings, such as seafood, vegetables, and condiments.


In 2014, I tried Sushi for the first time in Bali during a vacation post my wedding. It was at a very high-end restaurant by an infinity pool where we were served Italian sparkling water (of course, at our expense).


I remember ordering California roll thinking that I would get something mouth-watering. Unfortunately, the sushi roll tasted so bad that I decided to refrain from trying sushi ever again. Intense resolutions of life!

Now in 2018, I literally crave for Sushi all the time. I just decided to give it one more try in America. And, since there’s a large influx of people from around the globe in America, chances are you would get to taste authentic recipes from varied cuisines barring a few instances.


Although, Americans do add cream cheese and avocado in their sushi which the purists’ can’t stand but every recipe gets tweaked in a different land. Maybe, after visiting Japan, I will become a sushi snob and reject American sushi. Maybe!

Back to my story

A friend of mine suggested me a place while I was in Cincinnati that made half-priced amazing sushi, so I went to try. I didn’t get hooked instantly but I knew this is something I should try more. Then, I went to another sushi place and tried special rolls rather than the basic ones.


The basic ones are usually made with one kind of seafood while the special rolls come with multiple varieties in which condiments, avocado, cream cheese, vegetables, and fruits are added to boost the flavors.

That started my continuous journey into the world of Sushi as I craved to eat it every time I went out. Thankfully, I could easily find many Japanese restaurants once I moved to Chicago.

Of the many advantages that traveling and moving around brings, the opportunity to taste completely new cuisines is something I feel the most blessed about. Over the years, I have discovered many delicacies that I hadn’t even known about the first 25 years of my life, yet felt a deep connection with the moment I took that first bite. Sushi wasn’t love at first bite, but I have come to crave sushi as much as I crave my native food.


And, that’s how I learned a lesson to never completely abstain myself from experiences or food items or destinations because of a preconceived notion or an initial rocky start. Going out of our comfort zone exposes us to a lot of unknown factors but also presents us with some life-changing options.

Maybe, someday I would like Thai food too!







29 thoughts on “My Sushi Story”

  1. I tried Sushi for the first time during my internship in USA and I loved since then. Avocado is a must with my sushi. Always looking for new places to try different recipes.


  2. Happy to hear that you’ve had a change of heart! Sushi is legitimately the greatest, so it’s great that it’s found a place in your life!

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    1. I do recommend sushi to everyone so would ask you to give this a chance. If you like seafood, you would definitely like the flavor. Thanks for stopping by, Kartika


    1. I know I had also not tried sushi for a long time, but then after moving to the States I could see so many sushi restaurants that I had to try. I hope you get to try it soon!


  3. We generally eat avocado rolls or California rolls because we are vegetarian, but my kids love them. They ask for me to buy them often. This post has given me the idea to make some with my girls.


  4. My husband took me to eat sushi for the first time when we were not even dating. We had a great time and after years of dating and then marriage that first sushi restaurant was our favorite. I only eat cooked meals though, like yachisoba.


  5. Husband and I love sushi. Any kind. Glad that you discovered the joys of eating sushi. They play with the palate so much! 😀


  6. I’m from Cincinnati! What was the place called that was suggested? We have lots of good sushi places. I tried it maybe 5 years ago and love it.


    1. Hey Nina, I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, just went inside as the promotional banner said half-price sushi! It was close to UC. Which ones have you tried in Cincinnati?


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