Which street would you find these food trucks on?!

It’s been long since I last watched a food show that’s focused on food trucks.

I would, however, always remember watching food trucks of America on TV many years back with my brother and drooling over the food.


The concept of food trucks always made me happy, as those were not restricted to a location and surprised people by updating their whereabouts constantly.

And, their food. Such variety and fusions! I always wondered when would I have the opportunity to eat at one of these colorful trucks.


Yesterday, while randomly browsing for events in Chicago, I stumbled upon the ongoing Pilsen Food Trucks Festival. Without a second thought, I started getting ready to leave asap, because I always dreamt of getting food from one of those trucks. 


Chicago has an eclectic food scene, something beyond words. Every other street has tons of cafes & restaurants serving food from every part of the world. So, I was excited to attend a food truck festival in this city.

Pilsen Food Truck Fest is an annual event where around 25 trucks from across Illinois take part to make the best impression on foodies. This year the event happened on June 10th and 11th at the 18th street on the lower west side. After reaching the destination, I walked around to see what all is on offer so that I could decide what to eat and what to skip.

I tried Pork & Chive Dumplings @yumdumtruck, Lobster Roll @DaLobstaChicago, Gumbo @BooCooRoux, Iced Tea and Sangria. I feel I could have tried some more if the weather was a little pleasant!

Suggested donation to the event was $5 which covered the cost of arranging this delectable event and helping the food trucks association. Apart from food trucks, there was a dedicated stall for margaritas, sangrias & beer, there were some people selling tee-shirts and a cozy corner inside a church serving fresh fruit drinks to the thirsty. And, there was music too!


Southern and Latin food was the main highlight of this festival and I naturally liked my Gumbo Bowl the most!


I haven’t spotted these trucks on the streets while exploring Chicago which means you have to follow them online to know where they are stationed on a particular day but I am now sure that there are food trucks in this city. Earlier, I just thought its a New York thing!


This black truck made the gumbo for me and I am going to follow them closely now!

Apart from the heat, it was a great event with a highly diverse food selection and gallons to drink as well! Write to me if you want to find a food truck near you in Chicago or you can follow the twitter handle of the trucks I tried to make your life delicious!


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3 thoughts on “Which street would you find these food trucks on?!”

  1. I love food trucks! We have them in Kuala Lumpur but not many. I think our culture here is more of street food/food stalls rather than food trucks. Food trucks in US – what a great way to spend a day during the weekend especially now that the weather is getting warmer ya? 🙂

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    1. Same as India, we also don’t have many food trucks though it’s catching up. Street food is more popular in Asian countries while America has more of a food truck culture.
      The weather is getting way too warm to set foot outside 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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