Penchant for Waterfalls – Bushkill

In 2010, I went on my first and only girls trip to Simla, India. One thing I distinctly remember from that trip is finding a waterfall after a mild trek on one of the hills. I don’t remember the name of the waterfall because that wasn’t famous and frequented at all by tourists.

There started my penchant for waterfalls! And, the excitement of finding a hidden waterfall after trekking for miles.

I love water bodies, from the shores, since I strangely forgot to swim after not practicing for a decade or so.

As far as waterfalls are concerned, I can just stand under those without the fear of getting drowned (not talking about Niagara or Victoria Falls). There’s also something uniquely soothing and mesmerizing about waterfalls, in my opinion. Millions of gallons cascading gracefully through patchy rocks making a sight worthy of poems.

Picture 2

It had been a while since I witnessed a mighty waterfall. And, when we (husband & I) went to Pennsylvania to visit our family last month, my demands to see a waterfall were taken care of by driving me to Bushkill falls.

Picture 1

Bushkill Falls, popularly known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, is a series of eight waterfalls flowing through a park.

Exact Location: 138 Bushkill Falls Trail, Bushkill, PA 18324

Admission Fee: $14.50 (For Adults)

Park Timings: Most days the park is open from 9 AM to 6 PM (Refer the website for more information)

As the park is well-marked and maintained, it’s quite easy to walk/hike across to see all the eight waterfalls. Four trails, i.e Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red, have been marked inside the park keeping in mind the hiking ability of different people.

Picture 3

The green and yellow trails are fairly easy which you can complete following these wooden walkways (see the picture above), while the blue and red trails take you deep into the park.

We completed the Red trail which took around 2-3 hours, counting the multiple stoppages and chit-chat sessions. Before moving forward to the Red trail, we saw a warning sign which said that the trail is meant for only avid-hikers. Since I completed it, I can assure you that anyone who can walk comfortably can complete the trail.


There are a few steep hikes on the red trail, however, those are manageable by taking pit-stops. Plus, the views would justify the extra effort.

Picture 4

We packed food and water with us because you would just find acres of wilderness inside which isn’t enough to feed your growling abdomen and you might need energy boosters.

Swimming or standing under the falls is prohibited because of the heavy flow and rocky terrain. You can still dip your foot in water while walking by the flowing water, enough to recharge you for some time.

Picture 5

Throughout the park, we found knee-deep water flowing smoothly and then falling over rocks voraciously.

Cover Picture

This was a fun day outing in the Poconos mountain region which also encompasses many other trails, lakes, and forests. I would explore the region more, soon!

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17 thoughts on “Penchant for Waterfalls – Bushkill”

  1. I just saw someone with a sticker on their car for these falls. It’s within driving distance from my home, maybe this post is a sign that I really do need to get there. Thanks for the info about the trail being doable even if you aren’t a super hiker.


  2. Beautiful account of a beautiful place Anu! You’ve truly made it easy for anyone wanting to visit the place. I loved reading about how came about liking waterfalls. But you’re right, standing under one can be fun & fearsome. We’d been to Bushkill in 2012 and we’re stunned looking at the wilderness & beauty around. Of course, it was serene and like you said, probably not too many people know about this lovely place. Love your captures too:)
    Additionally, if you like this kind of thing,( and if you haven’t been there yet) then you will fall in love with Watkin’s Glen in New York…. full of cascading waterfalls & hiking & textured rock.


    1. Thanks, Div!
      It’s nice to know that you have been to Bushkill and that too quite a long back! I would again visit PA this month, so will try to go to Watkin’s Glen.
      Thanks for the recommendation and reading through this!

      Liked by 1 person

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