And, we went back to Pucci’ Pizzeria

While traveling, a lot of interactions, incidences, moments happen and few of them always make a mark in your memory. You don’t need something extraordinary to remember those instances, at times you just feel a connect with a particular cafe, art museum, person or a national park maybe.

One such restaurant recently caught my fancy, mainly because of our lovely server.

First picture

After apartment hunting in Chicago (we moved to Chicago from Cincinnati last year), husband and I were heading back to Cincinnati and took a turn just before entering Indiana (exit onto Indianapolis Boulevard) to grab a bite (coz, always hungry). We could see the usuals when we got off the highway i.e Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Five Guys which really didn’t look appetizing at that moment.

A quick search on Yelp took us to Pucci’s Restaurant & Pizzeria.

Upon entering, we were greeted with a cheerful Hello from a kind lady who continued as our server. The pizzeria itself gave us vibes of the America in 1950’s, like an old diner which was empty at 3 pm during the weekday. 

Second photo

We settled down comfortably at our table, as there was a homely vibe in the restaurant and it’s always a bliss to find something comforting after 2-days of stress! Our server started a conversation with us instead of taking an order right away, which put us at ease and helped us understand what dishes are the most popular in their menu. We took her recommendations, ordered a pizza & calamari fritters and ended up tasting the best marinara till now (I know Italy would do better than that).

She (our server) saw us enjoying the marinara all by itself after we had gobbled up the fritters and got more sauce for us! The pizza and fritters were also great to taste compared to the Italian you get in America, usually. We, however, were just completely lost in that Marinara.

As we had leftovers, like always, she offered to pack our food so that we can have something on the long drive back home. To make it easier for us, she packed everything in compact boxes and asked us to use the disposable plates in the packet. After keeping everything on our table, she said: “I packed everything just like your mom”!

Naturally, after moving to Chicago, we went back to Pucci’s and when we entered, the same lady greeted us with “So, you’re back!”

And, that made our day!

This time we also bought their signature Marinara sauce because none of the packaged ones can ever compete to that taste. Our sweet server packed a giant box for just $10!

Do give this place a visit if you are around. Also, would love to know about any travel tales that make you smile!

Location: 10063 S Ewing Ave, Chicago, IL 60617


15 thoughts on “And, we went back to Pucci’ Pizzeria”

  1. I loved the sweet gesture of your server! Sometimes the quality of food doesn’t matter if someone makes you feel really overwhelmed. Though all the food looks incredibly delicious and mouth-watering at Pucci’ Pizzeria!


  2. I don’t know how I missed this post Anu! It’s lovely! I love it when restaurants make an effort to make us feel at home. I’m glad the food was good too. The way she said, “I ‘ll pack it like your mom” is so sweet! Great experience 🙂


  3. I love it when the staff’s service is a awesome as the food that they serve. That makes a great restaurant for me. It sounds like Pucci’s is a great place to have pizza and more.


  4. My husband is from Chicago .. so whenever we go back pizza is the thing we have. I always want deep dish like Unos .. and he’s up for anything. Now I’m having a craving!


  5. I don’t think I will ever take a venture to Chicago, but we do have some nice pizzerias here in Lord that this reminds me of!! Now you have me wanting some homemade pizza (;


  6. Wow the food looks yummie. Don’t you love it when you find that perfect little restaurant with a great ambiance. I will definitely stop by there when visiting the Windy city.


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