Impressions of the Sin City

Vegas was never a part of our bucket list. I could never associate myself with so much bling.

That’s the Paris Hotel & Casino! See the amount of bling.

However, a drive through the Pacific Coast was definitely on our to-do list. So, while looking for flights to California, the husband found an economical return fare to Vegas. And, the sin city happened.

The Casino of New York New York Hotel

We had an overnight flight to Vegas and reached our hotel quite early in the morning. Naturally, we slept through the day which I don’t do normally when I am traveling but we weren’t just keen to explore. Post our slumber, we thought about visiting few hotels to see what the fuss is all about. 

The famous Bellagio Hotel!

Somewhere while researching, I read about the three must-do things in Vegas which are:

  • See the fountains of Bellagio
  • Go on top of the Stratosphere
  • Try one of the extravagant buffets

That’s how I went to Bellagio first and witnessed the fountains at their finest glory. 

Anything and everything in Vegas is about the hotels. Apart from the well-known gambling part, there’s a whole world inside the hotels. 

And, all those hotels & casinos are lined-up throughout the Strip in Vegas which is a long stretch of one road. Once you hit the Strip, Vegas grows on you!

The Strip is quite well-lit

I knew there would be casinos, cocktails, and cacophony as depicted in every other movie based in Vegas. 

But, I didn’t have the slightest inkling that the architects & designers have recreated scores of historic cities in the hotels; Venice, Rome, Monte Carlo, Paris, New York to name a few. I visited The Venetian, Paris Hotel, Ceaser’s Palace and New York Hotel.

Who wouldn’t be awestruck by this?

Though I could find cocktail bars, casinos, roller-coaster rides, shopping arcades inside most of the hotels, nothing charmed me like the Venetian. Because along with all the glitz and glamor, they had created the most romantic city in the world as is!

Here’s a visual treat

That’s a false sky
These gondoliers were singing!


You can also find all the premium Italian brands here if you are in a mood to splurge!

After completely devouring Venetian, we moved on to other hotels since we were thrilled to find this fascinating side of Vegas. If you happen to visit Vegas, I would strongly recommend you to visit all these hotels, it’s like world travel on one street!

Yeah, Eiffel Tower too!
Caesars Palace, talk Roman Architecture
Streets of New York at the New York Hotel

Since I was staying at the Stratosphere Hotel, it was easier for me to go to the top of it anytime (of course, there was a price attached to it). The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the country, so a trip to the top is worth it. Plus, the bartender of the cocktail bar on the 107th floor whips up some delicious drinks.

Stratosphere Tower

Of course, I couldn’t leave Vegas without enjoying a buffet. Every hotel serves a buffet throughout the day. I chose the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet at the Rio Hotel because I wanted to savor varied cuisines.

There were a lot of varieties, French, Mexican, Italian, American, Chinese and Japanese, at the buffet but nothing was really mouthwatering. But, I have heard there are some great buffets in Vegas. Until next time!

What’s Vegas without Chapels?!

42 thoughts on “Impressions of the Sin City”

  1. I could totally relate to not being associated with bling, hehe. I had similar views before visiting, but as you mentioned, I was blown away by the architectures and interiors of every place! Very nice photographs too! 😊


    1. So glad that you also feel the same… 😊…Everyone just goes crazy over Vegas while I was like ‘what the heck’…😜
      But, yeah as a traveler you always find something good to explore.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you more here!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not even 5%!? At that rate, you might travel the entire globe haha! I know what you mean, though…so many exciting places to see. Where do you want to travel to next?


  2. I went to Las Vegas during the Christmas Holidays of 2015. That time I realized that the Vegas is in its full swing and elaborate displays larger than the life at the most magical time of the year!


  3. The chapel made me smile .. it reminds me of a friend who eloped in Vegas at the Elvis chapel. Must have been ok .. they’re still married 10 years later (and going strong!) Thanks for a fun post


  4. I’m not one for a lot of the glamour of Vegas. However I went there about two years ago and we went to downtown Vegas. I really enjoyed the old, vintage feel of it and imagining Vegas before the strip built up. I think unless someone wants to pay for my trip, I’m not itching to really go back. But it was fun.


  5. This is one place I would love to see – the grandeur, the night life, and the fountains of Bellagio. I don’t like gambling but I would want to try (just once) the slot machine. Las Vegas is one of a kind place to visit!


    1. You rightly said it is one of a kind place! The strip just sums up the whole city, beyond that its like any other American city. But when you come to the strip, it’s a complete surprise.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Love Vegas lights but the strip is too artificial and attracts a certain type of the party crowd. But it’s definitely something to experience at least once!
    p.s. don’t miss the gambling and constant sound of the slot machines!!!


  7. Like you, Vegas doesn’t really appeal to me either as a travel destination but if I found myself there, I would definitely make the most of it! The Venetian looks amazing and actually looks like Venice!


  8. It sounds like you had a fun time in Vegas! 🙂 Every time I visit I have a love-hate relationship with it. I eat too much, drink too much and come home exhausted. I recommend checking out the Freemont Street, to see the casinos and hotels from the old days. Fun!


  9. I haven’t been in Vegas yet but everything I read about it says basically the same – it’s blinking, it’s luxurious, it’s party, and it’s all somehow fake. So I wonder why Vegas is one of the most visited place on Earth? People tend to enjoy fake things, gambling, or just hope to find something different?
    Thank you for the article!


    1. I too hate all those fake things, namely gambling, partying, drinking! People most certainly do enjoy the fake luxury even if its just for few days.

      I, personally, loved the decor, fixtures, murals which have been imitated from historic cities in Europe! Trust me, those are worth one visit.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  10. I love how you say you weren’t ready for the bling! Haha:)
    Loved this one Anu, the pictures, your description, everything! Vegas is thrilling & beautiful… there’s something for everyone isn’t it? I remember being mesmerized by the false sky:)
    Again , wonderful post that brings back too many memories for me:)… Keep em’ comin’! What’s next ?


    1. Thanks for reading Div! And, your comments always bring a smile on my face.
      I truly think there’s a lot to explore but most of the people just write about gambling so thought about sharing my experience!
      I was also stunned by the false sky and couldn’t believe they could create something like that.
      Happy to take you to some good memories in past, next is death valley 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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