A Historic County and its Canine Mayor

Have you been to a place where the mayor happens to be a sweet little dog?!

I recently visited Rabbit Hash, a historic county in Kentucky, where the mayor is Lacy Lou, a border collie.


That’s Lacy! Photo Source: Huffington Post

This Independence Day (July 4th) weekend husband and I decided to rent a car and explore the close by states of Ohio i.e Kentucky and Indiana. Those who love to travel would agree that staying home during long weekends is a cardinal sin and so we started our journey without a plan.


There’s a vineyard right opposite the Rabbit Hash General Store

We had Rabbit Hash in our mind since one of the professor’s in my husband’s university had recommended this as a must-visit in Kentucky. From Cincinnati, Rabbit Hash is a 50-minute drive through scenic roads and countryside ambience.


We passed through apple orchards and livestock farms to reach this quiet, unpretentious place. Rabbit Hash is one of those places where nothing major happens, boasts of a famous General Store (running since 1831) where the residents gather to socialise and the Ohio river flows silently by its side.


A lot of locals from Ohio and Kentucky visit this place to go back in time and be part of a much simpler life! As one Kentucky local said to us “the general store brings back memories of older days”.


There’s no documented reason as to why they choose a canine mayor! But if you happen to be close-by, do make a stop to this General Store and enjoy the serenity. You might get to meet the adorable mayor as well!


rabbit hash store.jpg

The famous store! Pic Courtsey: Fox News

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