Finding Findlay Market

Whenever I visit a new place or plan to visit one, the first thing I research about is “Food”. That’s how I learnt about Findlay Market in Cincinnati. Though I had researched about it a long time back, I had the chance to make a visit this week only. And, its just 15 minutes from my home!

I kept deferring a visit as the market doesn’t thrive much during winters. But its summer now which brings farmers and local businesses from all across Ohio to this market. Also, I wasn’t sure if a market, largely advertised as a farmer’s market, would really entice me since I am a ready-to-eat food lover.

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Turned out Findlay is much more than a Farmer’s market!

At first glance, the market is appealing, inviting and buzzing with businesses selling everything food-related such as fresh produce, raw meat & seafood, ready-to-eat food, spices as well as other items such as clothing,  flowers, artificial jewelry, home furnishings & decor, printed cotton bags etc.

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Though non food-item sellers were much less in number, it was amazing to see such a variety under one roof. Some sellers are stationed in the indoor area which is a huge air-conditioned space, while others had put up their shops outdoor around the indoor market space. 

I was extremely elated to find an open-air market after such a long-time and whenever the heat got too much to handle I would just get indoor!

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Not only the market had so much to shop, it also was organized so well with the houses acting as a perfect backdrop. Specifically, I loved the color scheme on the walls with flower adorned windows.

download (5).jpg

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My personal favorite in the market was the wide array of global cuisine, including but not limited to American, Turkish, Greek, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, and Indian. I tried a bit of Chinese, American and Turkish delights i.e Chicken Pot-stickers, Crab Cake, Baklava and Kataifi.

I really cherished the experience of walking, eating & people-watching under the summer sun. In the end, while strolling across I found a cute Piaggio Ape parked by a corner which was being used as a Coffee shop. Who wouldn’t want to drink coffee from here?!

download (7).jpg

If you are visiting Cincinnati, I would strongly recommend this market as a must-visit since its been running for long (more than 150 year old) and is truly the backbone of Cincy. You might get everything in those supermarkets, but this place would steal your heart and help you meet locals who can narrate interesting stories about Cincinnati.

As they say, its not just a place to buy groceries, its a tradition.

Findlay market is located at ~ 1801 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

6 thoughts on “Finding Findlay Market”

  1. Hi Anupriya
    What a lovely place…the colourful buildings sure are pretty & that Piaggo Ape! 150 years is a long time and it’s so nice that it’s so close to your place. I love what you say in your last sentence… That it is a tradition & not just a grocery market…
    There’s a market called St Lawrence pretty close to home & your post has inspired me to look a little deeper into it because I have to admit, all I do is buy a bagful of Danish pastries & chocolate croissants & eat them 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Div, I too fell in love with that Piaggio Ape! :mrgreen:
      The way this market was crowded, I instantly felt that I arrived at a local favorite. And a lot of people were just chilling, drinking and roaming around so it definitely is a place for social bonding, a tradition adding to the markets’ charm.
      You must look deeper into the St. Lawrence market and I am sure you would find some interesting history behind it.
      I also just ate in the market 😀 and that’s how I got the time to observe & understand

      Liked by 1 person

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