The Little Library

Traveling is one thing and staying a zillion miles away from home another. The latter made me cranky for my first few months in the US and I ended up writing a grumpy post on how things are so irritating here. Well, I am an optimistic person so I kept looking for experiences to intrigue me and I think its time to share one of those.


A new place always surprises you with serendipitous experiences, something we all seek. Since I like walking a lot anywhere I go I came across “The Little Library”, or many of those across different streets in Cincinnati.

These little libraries stand adorably and house donated books which you can take back home to read. You can either return the book after reading or replace it with one of your books.


And though there are libraries in most of the neighborhoods, these Little Libraries can be so convenient for travelers and locals alike.

What really elates me is that these libraries are always full of books, which means people really wish to preserve and don’t disappear with the books.

The Little Library

Being so invested in community development is completely ingrained in the culture here. While researching a bit about these teeny gems,  I came across their webpage where you can get all details about how these libraries were started and where all you can find the little library.

Let me know in the comments section if you have found these nearby!

16 thoughts on “The Little Library”

    1. Thanks Mary for the link!
      After this post, a lot of people have told me about Flybrary and I really loved the concept. Especially, because there’s so much time to kill at airports and I am not the kinds who would buy overpriced stuff at those Airport stores 😛
      Whenever I am in Canada, I am sure I wouldn’t be bored at the Airport!


  1. Wow, I have never seen like it before anywhere else, interesting! It can never happen in Malaysia – people would donate torn books or stuff rubbish inside the little box! 😦 Apologies for being away as I have been terribly busy fixing errors on my website (changed hosts a month ago). Will catch up on your blog or if not, will connect with you via twitter and instagram 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kat, good to see you back 🙂
      Happy that you made changes to your blog, will check it out soon.
      I also saw something of this sort for the first time and was surprised because these are so well-maintained here. In India, people wouldn’t care to deposit, instead take all the books as well as the wooden structure 😛


  2. our city has several and we also have a Flybrary, which are a few shelves at the airport where people can grab a book that has been withdrawn from out local LIbrary and donated to whomever would like to take one


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