The Discovery of Better World Books

In this day and age of Kindle, Nook and Tablets, we rarely visit bookstores or buy physical books online. As much as I adore my Kindle, I miss the scent of pages, the stack of books in my study and most importantly my childhood memories associated with heaps of books.

With the convenience of carrying a Kindle around, I decided to move on and buy digital copies of books. But, I still cherish a secret desire to dedicate one whole room to just hardcover books and build an exquisite personal library. My corner!

Azra 100%
Recently, I discovered Better World Books through someone and was elated at the thought of buying physical books again. It’s an online bookstore which sells used and new books at throwaway prices wherein the proceeds from sales are used to spread literacy.


Each book you purchase, they donate one to someone in need. Through their partnership with thousands of colleges and libraries, they also organize book drives to collect used books.

Being a book lover, I understand the joy of getting an interesting book to read and vehemently support the cause of donating books. Imagine the smile it brings on the faces of children who aren’t privileged enough to buy on their own or have access to a library.

Azra 100%

I ordered five books the next day only and resolved to build my personal library whenever I buy a house! Some old-world things never lose their charm and library is one of them. In addition, I would feel happy about helping someone, somewhere in his/her quest to knowledge.

I felt a childlike happiness after placing the order, one of those things you have forgotten to enjoy with the advent of technology.

Shine 100%

Books have the power to shape your thought process like nothing else.

9 thoughts on “The Discovery of Better World Books”

  1. I LOVE books too! I stubbornly refuse to buy a Kindle or read an e-book because I prefer the paperbacks, knowing very well that a physical book takes up space in my luggage when I travel. It’s a “space sacrifice” that I’m willing to go through hahaha…Btw, do read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, highly recommended. I promise you will feel enlightened after reading that book.


    1. I do have a Kindle but I like paperbacks! That’s why when I stumbled upon Better World Books, I felt so excited coz now I would help to serve a cause by buying books. Although I must mention that Kindle is quite convenient for traveling 🙂
      I would definitely check out Big Magic, thanks for the recommendation!

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  2. I’ve never been able to read from a kindle…I always need the book in hand! The comfort is unmatchable :)…Thank God for the library but I’ll definitely check if this is available here!!Exciting stuff!
    Thanks Anupriya


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