Where the Dead Rest in Peace

I am still writhing in pain from the 2.5-mile bike ride yesterday. After ages, I rode a bike and it was tiring, though a refreshing experience.

Sloth is the right word for me.

But, I am happy that I decided to explore the Spring Grove Cemetery and, a bike was the perfect mode. Normally, I wouldn’t think of visiting a Cemetery, but I had heard some great reviews and 2.5 miles seemed achievable compared to the 4-mile far Mt. Airy Forest.

With Spring in full bloom and a cloudy sky, we couldn’t have asked for a better day to ride and explore.

Azra 100%

On the way to Cemetery

Azra 100%

I clicked while he twirled

Incorporated in 1845, Spring Grove Cemetery serves as a glorious part of Cincinnati’ history and has preserved the families of many notable locals including Procter, Kroger and Taft. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, Spring Grove is the second largest cemetery across the US.

Azra 100%

That’s the Grand Entrance

To me, it was unimaginable that someone had put so much thought to the beauty of a Cemetery. Serene and tranquil!

Azra 100%

I was awestruck at each turn

Of course, the first bloom of Spring played a huge part in the whole setting. And, then I found the first lake.


Engulfed in the beauty of nature, we spent quite a bit of time exploring, clicking and applauding. 

Azra 100%

The second one, Geyser Lake, was bigger and prettier. Plus, we had some company.

Azra 100%

Azra 100%

The swan and waterfowls were unperturbed by our presence.

Azra 100%

Tiny crossover bridge….♥

Slowly I am falling for the Queen City which I labeled as dull initially. You just need to shed your inhibitions and explore with an open mind.

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Spring Grove

Add this to your list of must visits in Cincinnati.

To cherish life completely, you must embrace the truth about death.

14 thoughts on “Where the Dead Rest in Peace”

  1. Although all the photos are beautiful, I am particularly in love with the first. Is the building a mausoleum? Happy to hear that you’re learning to embrace your new home & discover all that it has to offer! 🙂


    1. I am not sure, but I think it is a mausoleum. Everything was extremely gorgeous in the Cemetery, although I didn’t click a lot of pretty mausoleums! I have really started liking this place coz its so serene & green. The madness that I was used to back home is wearing off for good.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely pictures.. I am always fascinated with all things ancient & historical and this mystical cemetry is just the pkace to be… keep exploring n sharing


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