Liebster On My Plate!

Finally, an award! I am glad that Kavita and Himanshu from Couple on Quest chose me as an awardee! Thanks for bringing an ear-to-ear grin.

Prior to getting a nomination, I never bothered to read up about the award. But, after receiving one I couldn’t stop myself from researching a bit about it. Basically, its an award to spread the name of new bloggers wherein the awardee is required to answer the 11 questions and nominate 11 favorite blogs to continue the tradition.
Liebster Rules

My answers to their 11:

  1. Which trip is always fresh in your memories: Goa! Husband and I had the time of our lives, we completely owned the place on our Vespa for one whole week and were drenched to bones couple of times.

  2. Which is your favorite post you have written: I really can’t choose one, all are like my babies!

  3. What are your upcoming travel destinations: Nothing decided yet, I am sure it is going to be an impromptu one!

  4. What is your favorite destination and why: Greece, at the moment. I haven’t been there but I plan to! I am just bowled over by the combination of blue and white color scheme in their architecture.

  5. Where was your first trip: I started traveling with my parents, so can’t remember which one was the first coz I always get to see pictures. Maybe Deegha or Kerela!

  6. Snow or Sand: If you mean beaches by sand, then sand. Else, mountains!

  7. Are you a morning person or a night owl: Night owl, I don’t understand the fuss around “Early to bed, early to rise”.

  8. Any place or city you would love to visit again and again: Rajasthan! The aura and diversity allure me, always.

  9. Which food you love the most: Hands down, Mughlai cuisine. My mouth waters at the name of Biryani and Mutton Korma.

  10. What is the one lesson you have learned from your trips: Choose your travel partner/partners wisely, bad ones can really ruin your experience.

  11. Which movie/book inspires you: The Pursuit of Happyness. Favorite Quote – If you want something, go get it. Period.

Here are my personal favorites whom I would like to nominate for a Liebster. I hope you all would accept this nomination. Apologies in advance if you have already been awarded and have to repeat the cycle.

Favorite Blogs: Dinata Misovec, The Analytical Soul, Samosas & Sunshine, The Cincinnista, American Girl in India, Life, Love & Sausages, Lusting for Layovers, Philnom is Away, Kat Pegi Mana, Lost in Maps, Go Travel Trek

So many women bloggers (nothing intentional here!). More power to all of you and I love reading your stories.

My questions to favorite 11:

  1. If given a chance to leave behind everything and run away, would you take that and what destination would you run to
  2. A one-liner that always inspires you
  3. What’s the true reason that pushed you to start your blog
  4. One book that you will always keep with you
  5. What is that one thing you totally adore about your hometown
  6. Life to you is about…
  7. Dream travel destination and a little bit about the place
  8. Any hidden talent that no one knows about
  9. Any experience or incidence from the past that you wish hadn’t happened
  10. A profession that you completely admire and wish could pursue
  11. Any important tip that you would like to share for new bloggers

I would wait for everyone’ answers!

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12 thoughts on “Liebster On My Plate!”

  1. Congrats on the award! I’m on same page as you on Goa, Mughlai food, Rajasthan, Greece and the beach. Wish I know how to ride a moped or motorbike, looks like I got to find a travel partner (and life companion) who knows how to! 🙂


  2. Great answers & questions! I wasn’t sure where Goa was and then did a Google image search of it. Holy wow is it beautiful! I have never been anywhere quite like that and I’m absolutely aching to. Greece looks like a great travel destination as well.


    1. Glad you liked it! Goa is divine, it has everything and is loved by all kind of travelers. Just a trivia – Goa was under the control of Portuguese for a long time and they made it all the more beautiful! I would soon do a post on Goa, sitting in my drafts for ages!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Rajasthan is truly diverse and captivating. Once, we were driving to our office in Gurgaon and decided to bunk all of a sudden, the beautiful weather was responsible! And, we drove straight to Jaipur, that’s one of our best memories.


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