Breakfast at Waffleworks

I always fancy a massive spread for breakfast every morning, but rarely care to cook much at home. And, whenever I am traveling, I love to pig-out on hefty breakfast meals! This story is about one such lovely time. 

Location: Hollywood, Florida (Not Los Angeles, California)

That’s a vital piece of information considering the fact that a simple Google search would always take you to Hollywood in Los Angeles. 

In my short trip to Florida, I randomly chose to stay at Hollywood Boulevard (approx. 30 miles from Miami) because I found a great AirBnB house in that location. Luckily, Hollywood turned out to be extremely beauteous, lively and brimming with warm people. After driving for 6-7 hours from Orlando, we reached Hollywood at 7 in the evening and decided to gorge on Pizza for dinner. We had to throw it eventually as the same was topped with under-cooked chicken and since it was a take-out we couldn’t get a replacement.

As we were starved post previous night’s dinner disaster, I wanted to eat something delicious and filling for breakfast the next morning. And with great hopes, we went to a close-by restaurant Waffleworks, only to be pleasantly surprised with the food.


We entered this Waffle place with expectations of a menu only filled with waffles, and were intrigued by the display of car models all around. The walls were adorned with mini-cars from different eras which were pleasing to the eyes.


The place had a lively atmosphere and a very jovial staff who greet you with big smiles! Once we checked out the whole place, we sat by the window at one corner to have a complete view of the cars.


Thankfully, the menu was elaborate and my eyes lit up at the variety of eggs, crepes, bread, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pancakes, and waffles!

Here’s a link to their menu: Waffles

We ordered a Double Classic Waffle and Breakfast Combo that included Ham Steak, Two Scrambled Eggs, Toast, and Hash Brown, along with Coffee and Iced Tea to drink. Our server was a delight to talk to and suggested us house favorites as we looked clueless. And, they gave free refills on coffee! Plus, there was a maple syrup on each table so we could pour as much as we wanted on the Double-decker waffle!


The portions filled us to the brim and the flavours enticed us to make another visit. And, we obliged by returning within two hours and brought our friends along who were earlier sleeping to glory. In the next visit, we ordered a Double Waffle with Cream & Strawberry and Pancakes.


The next time around we were greeted with an even bigger smile and one of the servers noted in a friendly tone:

Back Again?

I said, Yes and with more people

He was obviously glad and said bring more!

This is what I love about traveling. You realize how charming & friendly people are across the world.

Coming back to the food, I would whole-heartedly recommend this place as a must-try if you happen to be in Hollywood. Their toasts & eggs were done to perfection, hash brown was crispy & huge, and the ham steak was little salty but went great with the eggs. For those with a sweet-tooth, this place is a breakfast mecca! The pancakes were fluffy & soft, but the waffles stole our heart! The classic waffle was a treat in itself, however when we tried it with cream & strawberries, we felt content. Those strawberries were a rare find.

Hollywood is mainly inhabited by people from Cuba, Puerto Rico, & Mexico (as told to me by our AirBnb host) who came across as genuinely nice and fun people to me. Apart from Waffleworks, you can just stop by the place for a night or two to explore the locality which boasts of a scenic Hollywood beach (I found it better than Miami beach).

Waffleworks was a sumptuous start to a fun-filled day ahead which helped in lifting our spirits!

Just a symbolic expression of my experience  →  ♥ ♥ ♥

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