Out of the Blue – Endearing Bundi


Bundi is one place that took me by surprise and an amazing one at that! Tourism has been the focus of Rajasthan since long, but I had no clue that such tiny towns are frequented by British and French travelers in huge numbers. I, personally, had never heard of Bundi, so was curious to know the place after I read many snippets about it over the web.

Little know-how: Bundi is a small city in Rajasthan, situated 210 kilometers from Jaipur. Its famous for mural art, ornate forts, lakes and Baoris (step-wells). The famous writer, Rudyard Kipling, once stayed at Sukh Niwas Palace by the Jait Sagar Lake and his book Kim is inspired from Bundi.


First Glance of the City

I saw tiny blue-colored houses surrounded by the mountains with Bundi Palace prominently standing on one side. Atop the hill, you can see the walls of Taragarh Fort which runs through the city. 

After checking in Hotel Bundi Haveli, I set out to explore the Bundi Palace and Taragarh Fort on foot. Location-wise and otherwise too, the hotel was a good pick and I was quite glad to book the same.

I would recommend everyone to explore (some part, at least) the city on foot as its charming and you might stumble upon something unique! Though, next day I set out on car to wander as I had to leave early.

Why I totally adored Bundi and regretted staying there for just one day?!

  • First impressions always last, and the way we were welcomed at Hotel Bundi Haveli made us happy about our choice! Nothing grand happened, just the genuine smiles and caring attitude impressed us. The receptionist even handed us a map of Bundi and informed us about all the places we can visit along with directions. It was fun to use a physical map in this day & age.Apart from the service, we loved how beautifully the hotel was maintained. Its basically an old haveli, converted into a hotel.


  • While coming back from the Bundi Palace, I noticed a shop where an old man was busy with colors & brush outside and a lot of finished paintings in the tiny room inside. The man patiently showed me around his shop and talked about the painting techniques, colors and stories drawn.

His work was detailed, intricate and elaborate. I just loved how poised and calm this artist was and that he never pestered me to buy his paintings, just silently went back to his work when I left!

PhotoGrid_1424487370047 (1)

Murals at Chitrashala, Bundi Palace

  • The Food! I was surprised to find so many options for continental cuisine in Bundi when I did a Google search. I tried Out of the Blue for dinner and Lake View Restaurant for breakfast.

The pizza and pasta at Out of the Blue was one of the best I have ever had. What really makes this place truly incredible is the panoramic views it offers, of the city and lake. You just have to walk up a never ending flight of stairs to reach here. But, at the end of it you wouldn’t regret it.


Breakfast at the lake-view restaurant was another beautiful experience. We had banana pancake and cheese-tomato sandwich while sitting in front of the Naval Sagar Lake.DSC01596

This little boy was helping his parents serve as he had an off from school. We enjoyed our breakfast thoroughly which was fabulous.

  • There’s so much to see in Bundi from Bundi Palace, Chitrashala, Taragarh Fort, to the numerous Baoris & Lakes. I sat by the Jait Sagar Lake to understand how Kipling must have felt, spent hours to see the murals at Chitrashala, and walked down the stairs at Raniji ki baori to admire the architecture, yet wanted to see more!

Bundi was Lethal! I would visit again, and this time for a longer period. 

11 thoughts on “Out of the Blue – Endearing Bundi”

  1. I loved Bundi too! we also loved the pizzas at Out of the Blue. It was earlier called Morgan’s. The owner also has pizzeria in Mcleodganj. Bundi is a bright spot in touristy Rajasthan.

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      1. Same here Anupriya! Bundi is frequented by only few foreign tourists. The infrastructure is not meant for high influx of tourists. It’s always nice when you don’t find usual issues asociated with touristy places. Khajuraho was another such place, which I enjoyed.

        Happy to have this conversation! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Bondi sounds like an quaint Rajasthani town where the visitors could still taste the local culture and their lifestyle… Definitely want to visit this place some day…


    1. Yes, you must visit. Although, you can experience the rich culture and hospitality of people across Rajasthan. Bundi was special because the town looks so pretty and thankfully is not crowded at all!


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