GoCambio, Teach Locals and Get Free Stay

One fine day I just decided to explore Twitter and get off Facebook completely!! Its been four days since I last checked my Facebook account and fallen head over heels in love with Twitter. I wish I had known earlier what an amazing platform Twitter is. It connected me to communities, people, authors, restaurants, celebs etc. whom I loved, rather than going through mind numbing status updates from random friends about their weddings, babies, check-ins etc. And, on Twitter I found GoCambio, an innovative platform for perpetual budget travelers like me!

GoCambio≡ So the team at GoCambio decided to connect people across the globe who love to travel and people who love to host, embedded with a lovely element of teaching varied skills in return for a free stay (plus meals, if you’re lucky).

Image Courtesy - Lonely Planet
Image Courtesy – Lonely Planet

I immediately loved the concept as I look for home-stays wherever I travel. What better way to learn about cultural nuances, historical significance, way of life, food habits of a city than living with locals! Mostly, interaction with your host is limited as there’s hardly any time. With GoCambio, curious travelers would get a lot of time for interaction and learn about the locals. Guests would only be required to teach a new skill to their hosts as agreed at a mutually convenient time while staying free of cost. Rest of the time, you are free to explore the city on your own!

Image Courtesy - Adventure in You
Image Courtesy – Adventure in You

The idea was sowed in Ireland where a group of souls realized that a lot of people wish to improve their language skills without going into the hassle of dedicating a fixed time and place for honing the same. Result was GoCambio, where both guests and hosts can make their accounts to promote their skills or home. The website allows one to browse through the list of hosts/guests and choose what suits you the best. Idea was language exchange, but now it encompasses any skill that you can think of.

I am high on GoCambio, will keep you posted when I stay with a host!

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