Drove to a Town Perched on Himalayas!

Khurpa Tal. One of the many lakes in Uttrakhand, found this on our way back

This was one of the rare trips wherein I didn’t plan anything, packed my bags in 15 mins and hopped inside our car to reach a place I had never heard of. As much as I love planning my itinerary, I just couldn’t do it this time. It was a long weekend and I was occupied with work at office so couldn’t get time to plan in advance. I didn’t even get time to pack properly, so threw in whatever was handy and started our journey early in the morning.

Trivia about the place – Ramgarh is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. If you travel from New Delhi, this town is 25 km ahead of Nainital. Standing at an average elevation of 1,158 meters or 4,980 feet, this little place was once the cantonment of the English Army (Like every other hill station in North India). Ramgarh is famous for its vast orchards which are adorned with peaches, apricots, apples and pears as well as ashrams established by Rabindra Nath Tagore and Narain Swami.



Since the trip was unplanned, we had to drive down (which I totally love) and figured out two routes to reach the place. One was through the main Nainital highway and the other one through Bazpur, Jim Corbett, Bhimtal etc. Nonetheless, the second route had scenic stretches so we chose that and it took us approximately 8-9 hours to reach. I would though recommend the main highway as the road condition is much better.

Ramgarh Retreat: After a long and beautiful drive, we reached our destination where we had booked a room at Ramgarh Retreat (Due to last minute planning, only this was available). This property is owned by an elderly couple from Delhi and was built few years back only. With a total of five rooms in this huge house, we were allotted one with a valley-facing sit-out area on first floor.

Ramgarh Retreat Pic - Trip AdvisorRamgarh Retreat

Pic – Trip Advisor

The flawless service and hospitality of the owners and their helps was worth an applause. Throughout our holiday, we just relaxed and sat by our room’s huge window, which offered panoramic views of the valley. More so because there was no scope of venturing out as it rained continuously and heavily, bringing down the temperature to an uncomfortable level. Still, I was cherishing each and every moment in that house as we were the only guests at that time and received all the attention!

IMG_20150403_184559016The room from our balcony

Food: We were served various delicacies such as Butter Chicken, Mutton, Dal, Paneer Bhurji, Vegetable Pakoras, Halwa etc. during our stay. The food was placed very neatly on the table and served well. Menu was pre-decided and I somehow liked it since I didn’t have to contemplate what to order. Coming to the taste of it, the cook turned even the simplest dishes like Dal into something magical and we just couldn’t stop complementing him!

IMG_20150403_184517447_HDRThe Dining cum Drawing Area. This portion had a fireplace too!

The house was decorated quite tastefully and was worth exploring in itself! With a lot of windows and lounges, the house is any book-lovers paradise. We were also shown the second floor which again had a very nice sit-out area and a better view of the valley.

IMG_20150403_184527460Another portion of the house where you can sit and cherish the view!

What really took our breadth away was the moment we got up next morning and looked outside! The clouds were floating, dancing and hiding everywhere.


Some holidays are just meant to unwind….♠!

Visited – 3rd-5th April, 2015

Trip Cost – INR 12,000 (Approx.)

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