To Savor Something Royal and Exquisite

Intrigued by the rich culture & history of India, I decided to scout for a non-commercial & secluded Fort near Delhi for a short trip. After multiple searches over the web, I was glad that I found Dadhikar Fort in Alwar (Rajasthan). This Fort was built in the 11th century by King Chand and is situated right in the middle of a village atop a small hill!

There are two routes to reach this Fort (I traveled from Noida, UP) once you reach Alwar, one through a village and another through the city. Luckily, Google Navigator took me through the village route and I could witness the rustic beauty of our country which we miss while rushing to work everyday. There were farms all across, kids eyeing us curiously, truckload of sheep baffled by the sudden invasion of a car in their territory, buffaloes enjoying sauna in man-made pools etc.

We saw a huge pool on our way and right across that we spotted Vijay Mandir, the private property of Alwar’s prince. The journey is always the best part about traveling, and is sweetened exponentially if the destination turns out to be equally mesmerizing.

The Village Pool                     The Village Pool! Vijay Mandir was right across this water body

Drive to the Fort’s parking from its main gate was a little scary as its not concrete but nonetheless, the Fort’s owner has done a phenomenal job in taking you completely through the lifestyle of Emperors.  After we parked, we had to walk uphill inside the Fort to reach our room which was a Duplex suite (Mahavan) and their best, as per traveler reviews. The view from our room’s terrace was spectacular as we could see the whole village around us and felt protected by a hill behind the Fort.

We headed for lunch after check-in, a buffet served on table, since we were the only guests at that time. The spread was vegetarian, i.e paneer ki sabzi, dal, papad ki sabzi, baingan, pasta in white sauce and a dish made with corn. Apart from the corn dish, everything else was delicious. Similar was the dinner experience as far as taste is concerned, however the candle-lit terrace environment made the experience delightful.

That's where we had dinner                           That’s where we had dinner

The Fort’s current owner has put considerable amount of effort in restoration, considering it was completely ruined when he bought it from the last descendant (Quick fact – He paid INR 50 lakh to acquire it). The walls are adorned with old pictures of the ruined Fort and how the work has been done.

fort viewPlantation and beautification has been done meticulously throughout the Fort. Explore it one weekend to live the lifestyle of Kings & Monarchs in the 11th century!

Moments to cherish –

  • They decide and choose different venues for lunch, dinner and breakfast everyday, so we could explore different parts of the Fort. And, the dinner was candle-lit on one of their terraces!
  • Service was in line with Rajasthan’s famous hospitality.

Areas of Improvement –

  • Very sadly, they don’t serve non-veg.
  • Should arrange folk performances (On weekends, they do arrange) on weekdays as well, considering they were quite occupied on a Tuesday.

Some tips that may come handy!

  • Take the village route to reach the fort. Its simply fun!
  • Go out and explore the nearby village.

That's where we were served High Tea                  That’s where we were served High Tea

Visited – 21st Oct, 2014

One thought on “To Savor Something Royal and Exquisite”

  1. Dear Guest,

    It was a pleasure having you stay with us.

    I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful post you have offered for our services, the team and their service delivery.

    I am delighted to read this post to note that you had an amazing stay with us. Thank you for your kind and gracious words of praise. It has always been our utmost focus at Dadhikar Fort, Alwar to provide our valued guests with personalised service that meets high standards of hospitality.

    I have shared your feedback with the team and they are really delighted to have been able to be of assistance to you and for the opportunity to have been able to create such a wonderful memory. It is feedback such as yours that inspires the team to go the extra mile each time. Such posts from discerning travellers as yourself re-affirms our belief at Dadhikar Hotel that people are our key assets.

    You can also visit our website for further updates and latest offers.

    Many thanks again for taking the time to write all this. We are delighted to have you as an ambassador of the hotel and look forward to welcome you back on your next visit to Alwar.

    Warm Regards,
    Team Dadhikar

    Guest Relations

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